EmailFindr By Ankur Shukla Review – Push ONE Button & This Magical Software Will Find You Anyone’s Professional Email Address in Under 60 Seconds…

EmailFindr By Ankur Shukla – Push ONE Button & This Magical Software Will Find You Anyone’s Professional Email Address in Under 60 Seconds…

EmailFindr is amazong software from Ankur Shukla. EmailFindr the 1-Click solution to Finding anyone’s professional email address instantly.

Email is the #1 way to communicate, network with people & close more sales.

But – finding the right email address of someone important can be extremely hard.

You can spend hours on Google trying to find their email address, stalk them on facebook Twitter, Linkedin and still get zero results.

With EmailFindr you can find anyone’s professional email address in just ONE CLICK.

All you have to do is type in their name and website, Push one button and email findr will uncover their business/professional email in just a few seconds.

Whether you want to reach out to potential JV partners, An influential blogger or journalist, TOP CEOs of some Of the biggest companies or find the owner of a small business.

All that can be done at the push of a button.

Now you can uncover email addresses of people like Elon Musk, Warren Buffett and even Bill Gates.

Not just that, this software can also help you Find new leads and contact info of businesses Using Facebook & Google – fresh new leads For you to target and sell anything.

This is perfect for sales and marketing, anyone who Is looking to sell products and services online Absolutely needs this to find super targeted email Leads in seconds.

No more spending hours scouring the depths of the internet to find the right email address.

EmailFindr will do all the hard work for you, and FAST.​

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EmailFindr By Ankur Shukla Review – Push ONE Button & This Magical Software Will Find You Anyone’s Professional Email Address in Under 60 Seconds…

EmailFindr By Ankur Shukla Review

EmailFindr By Ankur Shukla Review

EmailFindr Features:

  • Get Social Profiles of Prospects/Leads
    Email Findr not only gets you the RIGHT email address but it also goes the extra mile to find you the social profiles of the person if they are available on the web. This will help you connect better when you email them and strike a conversation.
  • Create Unlimited Lists & Save Contacts
    Once you find the prospects you are looking for, you can save them in separate LISTS. You can create lists of new prospects, warm leads and hot prospects to manage your sales cycle or do it just about any way you want.
  • All Your Previous Searches Are Saved for Lifetime & Download Anytime.
    Since this is a fully cloud based app, we store all the searches for you so you can get back to them anytime you want. You can also download them immediately or at any time in the future.
  • Download Your Search Results in CSV + Also Download All Contact Info
    If you ever want to download all your previous searches and contacts from all your lists, you can instantly download them in 1-click into a CSV file. Also you can individually download all the contact info of your leads & prospects anytime you want.
  • Get More Search Credits Anytime
    When you buy the lifetime version, you will get 1000 search credits means you can find 1000 valid contacts or prospects from your account. After that if you want to use the app more, you can buy more credits from inside the app. Each successful search is one credit and there is no charge for no result returned.

EmailFindr More Features:

  • One-Click Software Finds ANYONES Email Address.
  • Find & Download Business Leads from Facebook.
  • Get Business Leads from Google.
  • Uncover Social Profiles & even Personal Email Address of anyone you want to reach out or do business with.
  • PERFECT for cold sales & intro emails.
  • Create Virtual Lists for Prospecting.
  • Add Unlimited Leads to Unlimited Lists.

Using Email Findr is as EASY as 1-2-3…

  • Step 1 : Enter the NAME of the Person whose email you want to find.
  • Step 2 : Enter their Business website address or company website.
  • Step 3 : Hit Search & Within SECONDS you will get the Email Address of the Person you want to find…

Check Here:
EmailFindr By Ankur Shukla Review – Push ONE Button & This Magical Software Will Find You Anyone’s Professional Email Address in Under 60 Seconds…

VARIOUS WAYS OF USING EMAIL FINDR (who may use this and why/how):

    Prospecting potential clients and cold emailing them is a great way to kickstart sales for your business, get those first 10 customers in the door using cold email the right way.
    Are you a customer getting poor service? Contact someone higher up at the company  and take your issue to the next level, get that problem solved or get a refund faster. Have less headaches dealing with poor support people.
    Looking to contact the decision makers at any business or company? Avoid the gatekeepers and go straight to the decision maker’s inbox with your proposal.
    Looking for affiliates or JV partners to promote your product/offer? Use Email Findr to find the contact info of top affiliates in your space and get more sales.
    Are you a freelancer looking for more clients? Skip the middlemen on freelance sites or gatekeepers at the business and contact clients directly.
    Wants to interview influential people, uncover their emails and contact them directly. Connect easily with experts to interview for an article or a book you’re writing.
    Looking for a job? Find the email address of the hiring manager & email him directly, stand out from the pile of resumes that the HR department gets.
    Whether you are a product creator, service provider or a new business that needs more exposure to get your brand out there – find the business emails of top bloggers and youtubers & get yourself more business.
    Looking for reach out to someone at a company for comments on a story – this is perfect for you to dig up and find the right people to talk to.
    You’re someone holding a conference, and you need to get in touch with someone at the hotel for a good deal on bookings or need to find targeted audience to promote your event.
    Recently met someone at a conference/meetup/party and forgot to get their contact information? No worries, get their professional email in one click using this.
    You just met someone you’d REALLY like to get to know better at that party last night…maybe ask them out to lunch…maybe go on a date – this is perfect.
    You want to reach the owner or editor for a hot web property to pitch doing a guest post or write a featured post for them. Get more exposure and lots of backlinks.
    Business brokers looking to contact the owner to broker the sale of their business.
    Startup or new business owner looking to contact Angel Investors, VCs or Key Investors of other startups.
    Someone looking to contact a successful entrepreneur or businessmen for advice or mentoring to help grow your business.
    You’re someone with intellectual property which is being used by someone else illegally on another site, and you need to contact them for a cease & desist email…
    Anyone looking to contact anyone professionally – this is for you.

You can use it for:

  • Business Development
  • Networking
  • Sales And Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Jobs And Recruitment
  • JV Partnerships
  • Finding Mentor/Investors

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EmailFindr By Ankur Shukla Review – Push ONE Button & This Magical Software Will Find You Anyone’s Professional Email Address in Under 60 Seconds…

EmailFindr By Ankur Shukla Review

EmailFindr By Ankur Shukla Review

EmailFindr Bonuses:

EmailFindr By Ankur Shukla Review

EmailFindr By Ankur Shukla Review


“I just started a new Credit Card Processing business and my advertising budget is very low at the moment. This would be an amazing tool to start collecting local email addresses to try setting up appointments with decision makers! “ – Alexxander Medeiros

“One of the biggest problems is trying to pass through the gatekeeper. This allows you to bypass this gatekeeper and get to the person in charge right away. For us, this means more sales and a better chance of getting our services to the right person on the first try. What a great program Ankur.” – Valerie Jennings ·

“I’ve had the privilege of getting an insiders’ view to emailfindr and I’ve got to say that this is mind-blowing!! @Ankur: This is just awesome – congratulations on yet another great software!! How often have I myself faced the situation that I need to find someone’s email who I either met or spoke with (but we didn’t exchange contact info) and so many other, similar situations. I just love it when real problems get solved and that is exactly what emailfindr does. And let me also share with you that many features of this tool will transform the way I go about doing things – and I am sure this will be the case for you, too. To your success,” – Dr. Sameer Joshi

EmailFindr Related Product:

  • Front End – EmailFindr Software
  • OTO #1 – EmailFindr PRO
    – PRO VERSION – Uncovers 100s of email addresses from a single domain. (means you can find email addresses of employees working at any company or business)
    – Spam Words Checker Tool
    – Spam Score Checker Tool
    – Email Countdown Tool (countdown inside email)
    – Email Formatter.
    – Email Extractor (from any kind of content)
    – Headline Generator – get 300+ headlines for articles/text.
    – Email Ideas Generator –  Niche based subject-line ideas.
    – Email Verifier Tool – verify 1000s of emails in seconds.
  • OTO #2 – EmailFindr Swipes
  • OTO #3 – EmailFindr MasterClass
  • OTO #4 – EmailFindr Reseller License

EmailFindr is a very good product and Top seller today from JVZoo. Not only are you getting access to EmailFindr for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Remember, after 30 days, if you are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund – no strings attached.. You have Nothing to lose! What are you waiting for? Now is the best time to invest! Get EmailFindr Now!

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