Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review By Mike Sole – How You Can Get From Zero To $47,812 Per Month With No Capital Or Investments Using A Simple Amazon +Shopify System

Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership By Mike Sole – How You Can Get From Zero To $47,812 Per Month With No Capital Or Investments Using A Simple Amazon +Shopify System.

Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership is brand new course from Mike Sole. Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership is a step by step video Course + all the essential tools to help you get your shop started from scratch with no programming skills. Start receiving sales and profits in 30 days or less!

Inside you will learn:
I will teach you how to find product that sells and how to avoid 11 mistakes that people make when they are starting out.
I will show you essential tools to research a product, to legally spy on your competitors, to find out what works and to avoid wasting your time on what doesn’t.
I will teach you how to develop your brand and source your product, how to do due diligence and avoid getting scammed, how to analyze samples and place an order, how to ship your products safely and cost-effectively.
I will show you how to create your listings and marketing, how to research great keywords and get high ranks on Amazon, and how to stage your launch and get sales and reviews without being banned or getting hijacked!
I will show you how to avoid the common pitfalls and to achieve success the fastest way possible!

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Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review By Mike Sole – How You Can Get From Zero To $47,812 Per Month With No Capital Or Investments Using A Simple Amazon +Shopify System

Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review

Here inside Sells Like Hot Cakes Members Area:

Full Step-By-Step Video Course to help you reach $45,000/month goal (VALUED $10,000)
During the video course, I will take you by the hand from basic to advanced stuff, helping you create your own Shopify and Amazon stores from scratch.
This information is short and useful; I never waste your time by spending 15 minutes ranting, showing you how to open your browser or flooding you with 120-page-PowerPoint-slide fluff.
You will look over my shoulder and see what I am doing – real-life examples, real products, not a theory.
I will show you what to do and what NOT to do, as well as how to avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls.
I will show you advanced tricks, hacks and tips to research and source your products, do due diligence, spy on your competitors, stage your launch and get massive organic sales!

All The Tools You Might Need To Succeed Are Included in your membership at no extra cost… no upsells or cross-sells or other hidden costs.
Among them are amazing tools like:

  • Amazon Best Seller Finder (VALUED: $499 one time or $149/month)
    Includes a self-updating database of 39,871,951 products and counting and that will let you instantly find the top-selling products in each niche by keyword. You can get complete information about them, including their prices and, most important, the estimated amount of sales they get per month and the profit they are making. With this information, you can quickly see how they are doing and whether it’s worth it for you to sell the same product. Moreover, this amazing tool collects the stats of the top-selling products in each category to give you an idea as to whether they fit five strict criteria we developed and taught you about during the course. These five criteria are crucial when researching and selecting a product to sell.
    Never start selling anything unless it fits those criteria;
    it’s really important!
    This database is so powerful that it’s usually sold on other resources as a so-called “Amazon matrix” for $499 or a “Chrome app” for $149; the matrix does not even auto-update, while the Chrome app is glitchy and does not provide information for many products, or even provides false sales estimates!
  • Supplier Finder (VALUED: $99/per search inquiry)
    A little treasure to save you hours spent researching the right suppliers on Alibaba and AliExpress. With just a few clicks it automatically detects the best-fitting suppliers among the thousands of trusted suppliers in your industry.
    This database itself is invaluable, and you would usually pay $99 to your sourcing agent for just one search inquiry! In our database you get unlimited searches at no extra cost!
  • Amazon Listing Generators (VALUED: $149/month)
    Looking to create an ideal, optimized, keyword-rich listing on Amazon to boost your sales? Good luck with that. You must manually research hundreds of competitors, as well as subscribe to dozens of paid keyword research tools and services.
    Why not try our Amazon Listing Generator, which include a power bundle of the “Title Generator” to provide outstanding ideas for your listing title, the “Bullet Points Generator” to create keyword-rich, high-converting bullet points and the famous “Keyword Generator” that will quickly analyze your competitors and come up with the best keywords to help you get high ranks in your niche!
    Similar tools for listings don’t exist, and for similar “keyword research” tools you must buy expensive credits or subscriptions on competitor sites, or even pay per search inquiry. With us, you get
  • Garlic Press Smasher Bonus tool (VALUED: $299/month)
    The term “garlic press” has become an inside joke in our Amazon industry; it indicates a product that is easy to sell and that everyone wants to buy. That’s why we decided to make this funny but super helpful bonus tool called “Garlic Press Smasher”, which automatically searches our database of millions of Amazon products and finds a single easy product that you might sell in the future.
    This tool is great for people who don’t want to do any complex research and who just want an idea for what to sell. The results are updated daily, so you can come back tomorrow for the next big idea for your potential product. This tool is fully automatic and free from any bias; no alternatives to it can be found elsewhere.
  • Expert Private Community, Wall and Expert Critics (VALUED: PRICELESS)
    I don’t want to sound like one of those “success gurus”, but there is one thing about which they are totally right: success attracts success.
    You are an average of your five friends, so if you stick around successful people sooner or later you become one.
    We are privileged and grateful to have been able to build this amazing small but very helpful closed community of successful Amazon, Shopify and eBay sellers who are there to help you and share their tricks and secrets.
    We are all selling in different niches, so we never treat each other as competitors. We are here to help you and each other by sharing the hottest trends, common mistakes and tips on how to succeed in this business.
    All we ask in return is that you contribute to the group, share your success stories, share your questions and frustrations and fears, and help us help you! I am sure you will love the famous “WALL”! Beware: It’s really addictive 🙂
  • Facebook Ads Mastery Crash Course Bonus (VALUED: $499)
    How to create FB ads that WORK and why everyone else fails with FB ads?
    You know, there is so much information available about Facebook ads on the Internet that it’s really, really easy to get lost in all this fluff. There are so many courses on just Facebook ads that give you hours and hours of info about how to build Facebook ads and most of them are outdated and don’t work. And the main problem of these courses is that they are so filled with fluff and filled with information that it’s really easy to get lost.
    So I decided to use my garlic press today to squeeze away all this fluff and filler and just give you a short, up-to-the-point 40-minute crash course on what you really need to know about Facebook ads and how to build your winning Facebook campaign.
  • “From China With Love” Bonus Video Series (VALUED: $399)
    There are so many e-commerce gurus out there teaching how to do Amazon FBA sourcing or Shopify Drop shipping from China while in reality, they have no real life experience dealing with real Chinese factories, shipping agents and suppliers, so most of they have no clue on what they are teaching.
    That’s why we are going to REAL CHINA to give you real life examples and case studies! Inside this bonus series we are meeting real life Chinese expert sourcing agents, visiting real Chinese factories and show rooms, discussing pros and cons of different shipping methods, revealing how to do the due diligence on Chinese suppliers and avoid being scammed, how to deal with Chinese people most effective way and how you can source amazing products from Canton fair, analyze product samples, do a quality check and much more.. A lot of real, down to earth and helpful info from REAL CHINA, not from your regular guru that never left his “garage office” in his California house…
  • Reverse ASIN search tool! (VALUED: $99)
    This is a great Amazon bonus tool inspired by the well-known “Keyword Inspector” which allows you to legally spy on your competitors and search for the top converting keywords for best-selling products in your category!
    No extra purchase of credits is necessary. All searches are free! (Included in your membership as a bonus).
    You will be able to check the rankings of the specific keywords by searching using the ASIN number. Both Amazon US and UK are supported!
  • Amazon Product Tracker (VALUED: $69/month)
    Allows you to track the performance of selected products (your own or competitors’) in real time, giving you invaluable information about their performance, history of sales and price changes to help you decode and reverse-engineer them, thereby learning what makes them sell so well. You will also learn about the seasonality of the product and identify analogs on Alibaba or AliExpress to help you find their suppliers in just a few clicks! If you are tracking your own product, you can easily find out how well you are tracking against desired keywords and how you can improve your sales and rankings!
    This tool alone is worth $69 per month and sold separately in different competitor resources.
    For you it’s included free with your membership!
  • Shopify Dropshipping Finder (VALUED: $39/month)
    An outstanding tool that will help you quickly find the best AliExpress suppliers for your dropshipping business on Shopify. No more headaches from manually searching hundreds of providers and sellers. Here, you instantly get the right products ready for dropshipping, their best prices and other details at your fingertips.
    A similar tool is sold alone as an app for Shopify for $39/month, but you get it FREE in our members area!
  • Shopify Competitor Spy (VALUED: $199/month)
    Leaves behind all the guesswork and lets you legally spy on your competitors by identifying how well they are doing, what traffic they are getting and where it comes from, and what products sell best for them (even if they try to hide it, we will know), so you can quickly copy and paste their best-selling products on your featured store and boost your sales. We can even help you automatically find the best AliExpress suppliers for bestselling tools so you don’t need to waste hours researching that information.
    A similar tool is sold at $199, and it does not even self-update, while our tool auto-updates daily!
  • Helpful Resources and Links (VALUED: $399/month)
    It took us years to compile this list of the most trusted resources in the industry, including suppliers, tools, inspections, product package and design services, freight forwarders, etc. Where can you find trustworthy sourcing agents? What freight forwarders should you use? Where can you get legal protection for your business?
    Never get scammed again; use only trusted resources like those we personally tested and use.
    This section will quickly answer your questions about where to do product inspections, where to find suppliers, what freight forwarders to use, where to buy bar codes, where to register your trademarks and much more.
  • Expert and Critic Brainstorming
    An amazing section where you can submit your product (anonymously if you choose), research ideas, listings, descriptions and bullet points for the community to analyze, critique and brainstorm. You will be surprised at the ideas and tips you will receive that you never thought about, helping you instantly boost your sales and avoid costly mistakes. “Is this the right product to sell?” “How can I improve this listing title”? “How can I improve conversion from my bullet points?”
    You will get invaluable ideas and tips from people who sell BIG and do this for a living!
    And don’t worry that other people will copy you… your competitor can copy your product anyway, whether or not you like it.
    Try to adopt an abundance mindset instead of a mindset of scarcity. There is enough money and room for everyone, and there is always competition in anything, so stop worrying about it. Competition exists whether or not you worry about it; it’s a part of the game!
    We can achieve many more sales by helping each other rather than considering every other person to be a competitor.
  • Top 30 Most Passionate Niches To Target For Your Shopify Dropshipping Business
    + 7 Top Converting Ads & Cheat sheet!
    99% Who FAIL with Facebook ads make this mistake – they promote WRONG product to the wrong audience!
    Remember, to make your Facebook ads WORK you must only choose UNUSUAL,WEIRD, SHOCKING, UNIQUE products (“NOT SOLD IN STORES” kind of stuff) and target ONLY the MOST passionate groups and audiences.
    Nobody is that excited about buying a garlic press, so you better ensure there is EMOTION and PASSION in what you are selling. To help you pick those categories, we have found TOP 30 most passionate niches to target for your Shopify business and top 3 unusual products in this niche from Aliexpress marketplace. Make sure you watch our videos to understand how to connect the dots and make it all work in Sells Like Hot Cakes video course!
  • Amazing Bonus tools: (VALUED: $100/month)
    Keyword Tracking Tool for Amazon is truly amazing! It allows you to monitor where your products rank for most essential keywords to help you get valuable insights, optimize your listing and increase your sales. The Listings Analyzer checks your listing for common issues and shows you the areas where and how you can improve to get higher rankings on Amazon!
  • Niche Finder: (VALUED: $149/month)
    This is a unique bonus tool that allows you to identify the most lucrative and potentially great niches for you to start selling.
    The tool automatically scans the whole database of Amazon best sellers and structures them in a “seller friendly” way, showing you the Competition level and Demand level and potentially good products to sell in each niche.
    This is very time efficient and will help you save hours on searching for a great product with high demand and low competition in the niche you are interested in!
    Both Amazon US and UK are supported!

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Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review By Mike Sole – How You Can Get From Zero To $47,812 Per Month With No Capital Or Investments Using A Simple Amazon +Shopify System

Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review
Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Review

Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership is an Amazing product. It’s a very good product and Top seller today from JVZoo. Not only are you getting access to Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership include a 3-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership , your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 3 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for? Get Sells Like Hot Cakes Basic Membership Now!


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